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The beauty of Sicily lies in its rich and culturally diverse history, through which it has been conquered by no less than 10 empires from the ancient Greeks and Romans to Arab and Norman rulers and everything in between. Taormina itself is also split into the Old Town where the city centre lies and Lower Taormina where the beaches are; here we suggest a few recommendations for both as well as the rest of Sicily! let's see how many cultures you can experience while you’re here!

Try the pistachio gelato at Gelatomania among other local flavours such as Cassata, Avola Almond, Etna etc; or head over to the historical Bam Bar where they famously serve nothing but Sicilian granita. Be sure to wait in line early as it can get crowded very quickly!


Corso Umberto of the Old Town is a lovely afternoon stroll, from one end (Porta Messina) to another (Porta Catania) taking around 20 minutes, if you’re not distracted by all the shops in between (our favourite is the newly opened plate heaven La Double J)!

Either side of the Old Town, be sure to visit the spectacular Teatro Antico di Taormina right next to the Grand Hotel Timeo (remember to purchase a skip-the-line ticket online in advance!) or the stunning public garden Villa Communale, as well as the Four Seasons Hotel San Domenico Palace where The White Lotus was filmed.

Just behind San Domenico lies Via Roma with panoramic views of the Sicilian Coast; or indeed just take a cab or the cable car Funivia down to Lower Taormina to see the sea up close as well as Isola Bella, Taormina’s iconic little island


"Sicily is more beautiful than any woman!"

Truman Capote, author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Expect low 20s celcius during the day but may feel warmer under the sun; at night may drop to mid-teens so bring a jacket! We hope that it will be warm enough for a dip in the sea!


Taormina is home to a total of 5 Michelin stars across 4 restaurants; if you would like to pursue fine-dining these are always solid options:

La Capinera (1*) – Lower Taormina

Otto Geleng (1*)

Principe Cerami (1*)

St. George by Heinz Beck (2*)

If you would like to try elevated yet local cuisine, one of our favourites is Vineria Modi helmed by a very young female chef previously trained under Enrico Crippa!


Or if you prefer something more rustic in town then we suggest Tischi Toschi, their Caponata (a local roasted eggplant salad) is out of this world. Equally pastas at Osteria Santa Domenica, Casa Niclodi, or Trattoria Tiramisu are excellent and not to be missed.


If you’re down at Lower Taormina, then be sure to visit the historical Da Giovanni which has a spectacular view of Isola Bella. Pizza lovers should try either Villa Zuccaro or Al Saraceno; or indeed head to Da Cristina for authentic arancinis!


Being situated right next to Mount Etna and its vineyards, it is no surprise that there is an extremely vibrant wine scene in Taormina!


Stroll through the Old Town and you will spot countless local wine shops, or our secret tip is to head to the quaint wine bar Casamatta hidden in the back alleys of Taormina. There the knowledgeable shop-owner Ruggero will be able to serve you the finest selections of Sicilian wines as you sit along the side roads watching the nightlife unfold; be sure to let him know we sent you!

If you prefer a more formal sit-down meal; Osteria Rosso Divino’s extensive Sicilian wine list paired with its fantastic seafoods will be sure to satisfy your needs. For cocktails, Morgana Lounge Bar and Nunziatina are must-goes for an Annabel’s-like experience.


Alternatively head North from Taormina to Savoca to see exactly where the Godfather was filmed; or indeed South back to Catania (where the airport is) and even further down to Syracuse, Ortigia, Ragusa and Noto for a more historical visit.


The Western side of Sicily also holds many towns worth a visit, including Palermo (which has its own major airport), Cefalu, Agrigento, or San Vito Lo Capo; this side is also where one of Italy’s best golf courses, Verdura Golf Club, lies.


An off-the-wall suggestion is to visit the stunning Lampedusa and the Pelagie Islands nestled between Malta and Tunisia, reachable 1 hour by plane from either Sicily airports. Equally, certain guests may find charm in renting a yacht or helicopter and heading up towards the Aeolian Islands.

Don’t forget to also stop by Piazza IX April laid with the iconic chessboard style tiles for a spectacular view of Mount Etna and some people watching!


Enjoy a hike up to Mount Etna and/or visit the vineyards thriving on its volcanic soils, our top pick is Planeta Etna.

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